A. Organized Body Made of One or More Cells - Robbie W.

5 senses of a frog are
feel, see,hear , touch, taste
Frogs have 4 legs and specialized feet .

B. Obtain and Use Energy - Ta'Yana D.

[Feed, energy, eat] One way The amphibians use energy by is eating. to build up energy.

C. Reproduce - Roan W.

The female lays the eggs in the water then the male, and fertilizes with sperm. That makes these type of organisms have sexual reproduction so therefore they have to go into the mating stage while they are in water.
Tree frog eggs

D. Grow and Develop - Ta'yana D.

The frogs and toads go through alot of changes to become an adult. first
Eggs- legless tadpole- tadpole with tail and small legs-adult. The frog has a circle egg and the toad has a string of eggs. When the frog babies are new small still in the egg some of the fish actually eat it.


E. Respond to Stimuli - Robbie W.

When a frog sees a insect he reacts by trying to get it. When a frog is in danger it climbs in a hole or down in the mud. A frog will jump long when it is afraid.

F. Exchange Gases with the Environment - Roan W.

They breath through there gills when they are tadpoles, and as they grow up they drop there gills and start to develop lungs.they also can breath through ther skin when they are submerged under water.
external image frog_gas_exchange.gif
(How frogs breath)


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