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A. Organized Body Made of One or More Cells - Chasity M
Sharks are multicellular animals.They have adaped to their living environnent by their body shape and fast swimming. Sharks have bodies shaped like torpedoes. It can affect the way they swim in the water.Their streamlined body type allows them to swim through the water really fast. Some of the sharks' fins are very powerful and help them swim fast to get their prey.

B. Obtain and Use Energy- Chassity S

Sharks are very smart when it comes to finding food. When they swim they take in smaller sharks by their fin. Then when they are ready to eat they eat the fish. Most sharks don't chew their food. They just swollow it whole. That's really cool isn't it!? Tiger sharks will try any kind of food. They will eat dead animals!! Anything dead that floats in the water the Tiger shark will eat. That's nasty! Other sharks eat crabs, seasnakes, turtles, and sea lions. The prey is the seal. This big shark is about to have a meal.( the picture to the right)

Rays are carnivores. This means that rays, are meat LOVERS! In the Rays diet, they mostly eat, mollusks,clams ,and oysters. Pretty cool right? On the right theres a picture of an ray eating oysters!!!

668437_Shark-eating-its-prey_400[1].jpg ray_eating_oysters.jpg

C. Reproduce- Iyana T
This is a picture of a shark egg.

====Sharks have three important ways to reproduce. The first way is oviparus, which means to lay eggs in the bottom of the ocean. Another way is ovovivipparous, whichmeans to grow eggs inside them. The last way is viviparous, which means they have birth from there the females just like humans have birth . Shark babies are really smart, and can care for themselves the minute they're born.


D. Grow and Develop- Chassity S

Sharks have three ways to have children. But you already learned those in reproduce. When ready for birth, the young will leave the mothers body and learn what it needs to know for being an adult. The shark starts out small as a baby just like us, and gets bigger as it grows. This is a picture of an eggsack(the picture on the left). There's a baby shark in there.

After sharks are born the mother just leaves them and moves on with her life. She does not take care of the baby at all!! If she sees them later in life she will treat them just lke she would treat any other shark. She leaves them alone or she will attack if she feels the need to.

Rays are like sharks when it comes to grow and develope. Rays develope lower and upper jaws that are seperate from their skull. Their teeth are like, strong,bony plates. These teeth are strong enough to crush a clam's shell. The picture to your right is a picture of a Manta Ray. Pretty cool right!!??

eggsack3[1].jpg manta-ray-mouth_1672559i[1].jpg

This is a picture of a shark.
E. Respond to Stimuli - Iyana T

Sharks can use elecricity to hunt. They will pick up signals to that guide the sharks in the right direction.

F. Exchange Gases with the Environment - Chasity M

Sharks have gills that help them breath. They breath dissolved oxygen from the water into their gills.Each gill has to rows of gill filaments. when oxygen enters the gills, it goes to provide oxygen to the blood. The oxygen content in the water is always higher than the blood. The gills work very efficiently.

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Resources: by Chassity S.

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