Here are some links to some cool science things - everything from articles to pictures to movies. Please let me know if you find something fascinating that you want to share!

NASA's picture of the day: - This website shows a different amazing picture of universe every day. This is the picture from June 19th, 2008:
The Star Streams of NGC 5907

90-Second Naturalist: - Thane Maynard gives a fascinating glimpse into the worlds of all kinds of living things during this 90-second podcast. Be sure to have your speakers up!


Animal Web-cams: - Use this website to find web-cams for your favorite animals. Watch the animals in their natural or zoo environments to learn more about their behavior. Or, just admire their cuteness!

Endless Photographs by National Geographic: - Just keep clicking on part of the picture and you will get more choices!

Explore the Inside of a Cell: check out the parts of a cell through this cool interactive animation!

Views of Mars: amazing views of Mars - very close-up pictures and very distant pictures. These show us an incredibly alien landscape. Try to imagine walking around here! (Remember that it's COLD.)