A. Organized Body Made of One or More Cells - Chandler H.
Gastropods have of course they have more than one cell in fact the gastropods have over a billion cells. If you look at the picture below you will see the main gastropods parts on them it is just amazing
B. Obtain and Use Energy - Chandler H.
mainly eat dead and living plants,bark,fresh water,fruit and also algee. This is how they get energy and survive in this huge world.Also move around really slow but to them there going fast!

This gastropod is eating a mushroom and loving it!

C.Reproduce- Mariah B

Gastropods can reproduce sexual and asexual. All Gastropods are hermaphrodites, meaning they have both male and female parts. They are able to produce on there own meaning asexual .When they mate they exchange sperms with darts of calcium showing sexual reproduce. The darts go deeply under the soft tissue hitting internal organs causing to move over 50 eggs at once. The two Gastropods both lay eggs. After four to 6 week they hatch. (link below shows snails eggs timed elapsed.) (and the chart to show where.)
In this chart it show the male and female parts.

D. Grow and Develop - Chandler H
so the gastropods hatch from the eggs. When the gastropods are hatched the mom is not there. They are born after the mom and dad have already left them. The mom leaves right when they are hatched. The mom lays about 100 and most are eaten later on by a bird. Gastropods usually live from 1 to 2 years which is a long time for them.gastropods_eggs.jpg

E. Respond to Stimuli - Mariah Brown

Gastropods have tentacles on the top of head are the eyes. They are unable to see through the eyes, but can tell if it's light or dark in the surrounding area. The lower short tentacles are very senstive to smell and touch. It responds by hiding in its shell and puts a very thick layer of mucus to shut the shell. Snails and Slugs get around on one big muscular foot . The foot is covered in mucus. It makes it a whole lot easier to get around on one foot. They have to stay moist, they react by drying out. (As you can see below.)

F. Exchange Gases with the Environment - Mariah Brown
Most water Gastropods exchange gasses by using its gills,sort of like fish but they have to breathe through its mucus and water. Land Slugs, Snails use the air pore a hole in soft tissue to breathe. Carbon dioxide is switching with the oxygen in the lungs.(below on left is a slug breathing through the air pore.)
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